Mama’s 1st Pocket Chicktionary

Taking the Dick out of Dictionary – A bridge to the Feminine Paradigm

By Ma Sherry Glaser and Mama Kym Trippsmith

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Language is the well from which culture and communication draw their essence. Without language, culture cannot thrive; hence, we mourn the death of many indigenous tongues. The first language (or voice) we hear in the womb is the Mot(he)r. While we don’t know if babies may actually be privy to their mothers’ thoughts, it is certainly true that once little fetuses’ ears and eardrums have developed, they can hear sound. The first sound they hear is the beat of momma’s heart, the pulse of her blood, the timbre of her breath, the hum of her vibration, the rhythm of her voice and the cadence of her tongue (hence the beautiful phrase, MOTHER TONGUE). Somehow that original concept and written word MOTHER TONGUE became “Language”.

When one spells out words, one writes a “sentence”. That word, sentence, connotes the idea that we are writing out our lives’ sentences. Not coincidentally, when one is convicted of a crime, one is given a “sentence”. It’s not a huge leap to understand that each time we write a sentence, we are committing ourselves to a certain idea, thought, threat, or reality for what could be a long time.

Hence, it is the “spelling” of these words that integrate our most personal, private longings, dreams, wants, wishes and desires into form into (Man)infestation . So if fe(males) are excluded from the official correct spelling of words, how will it ever be possible to create the world, reap the bounty, enjoy the success that we thought would come thru the advent of the feminist movement and the struggle for wo(men)’s equal rights?

The “feminist” movement’s effort to bring us in to equality with men’s standards of success, joy and power did not have the desired results for me. It has become painfully obvious that dedication to their rat race brought me nothing but rat poop and stress, (men)tally and physically. We placed more value on their economic goals than our own natural superiority, ingenuity, innovation and instinct when it comes to the tenets of the feminine which include: Kindness, Tenderness, Cooperation, Restoration, Consideration, Inclusion, Support, Understanding, Listening, Nurturing, Sustaining, Protection, and Mothering. All these divine assets have long been defined as weak, unimportant, even silly.

But now, as we descend into a bottomless pit of despair, contagion, economic collapse, climate disaster, war and violent oppression, billionaires sit on top of money-mountain using $’s impenetrable shield to make it as hard as possible for the rest of us to get the things we need in life. The feminine virtues are the very elements that will save millions of us. While the billionaires preach austerity, we are the ones who share—another blaring shameless feminine principle.

We’ve structured this book like the dick-tionary only in terms of working in alphabetical order. Unlike most dick-tionaries, each word will be listed in its old spelling alongside its new paradigm spelling. Readers will find re-spelled words, as well as re-sourced phrases that are much more useful and vibrationally nutritional. We also have categorized endangered words that we feel need to be re-newed to communicate its original intent.

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Since the world is completely out of balance, we are invoking this spelling rebellion and we want to invite men to join us. If men can learn how to integrate the feminine, we may very well be able to save all our asses from this patriarchal pandemonium by delivering us, as only a mother can, into the new paradigm that’s waiting for us. As the patriarchy shutters to a glaring halt thanks to the chilling combination of war, climate catastrophe, rampant disease and economic collapse, I believe we still have a slim chance to survive. I constantly search for ways that shift the paradigm and bring us into balance again. It may take 100 years or more; we don’t know. But I do know that I have been called to write this book and thereby set into motion this new defining Chicktionary as a template for the inevitable changes in power structure.

Thus, the time has come to surgically remove the Dick from the dick-tionary and stop using “meaning” or (deaf)inition to explain words. The Chicktionary will deliver words to us from the cradle or source of our mother tongue our place of origin, of our cuntry (where life begins) and its words will be derived from there, rather than be de-fined by male hierarchy. The challenge is, as I see it is that we do not have a new femcentric linguistic paradigm waiting on the other side. Mama’s 1st Pocket Chicktionary is the first step in the rite direction.

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Our Coat of Arms – Artwork by Amanda Burton